Angels on earth

Once in a while I think about my friendships. Quality friendships are so important, they are difficult to measure in terms of necessity. I have been fortunate in my life and have found about six individuals over my many years on this earth, individuals who stand out in my memory and in my current life as angels on earth. People who have no hidden agendas, no plans to use your friendship for any particular thing, who go through life utterly harmless, doing no harm to anyone, gentle and trustworthy. Imagine how lucky I have been, to have known six people who are without a doubt, in my judgement, sent from heaven to help us here in this life. They have their own share of suffering in this often-dark world, but it never changes them. Invariably, they love animals, have pets, will do anything to help an animal in difficulty. That’s one thing they have in common.

One was a woman from Northern Ireland. She’s gay and a few years ago married her true love. This woman is capable of turning her hand to anything. She has run a sawmill (having built it to begin with), trains horses (big monstrous horses), breeds stallions to mares and knows exactly what to do to make that happen, she can drive any vehicle, build things, put up fences, create a chicken coop and a run, whatever’s needed, she can do it or figure it out. She’s about five feet tall, tiny and wiry and very pretty, kind beyond measure.

Another one is currently in my life. She takes in stray animals, tries to help her neighbours in any way she can, will help me lift anything, carry anything, clean anything, prune any out-of-control blackberry vines or anything else, she can’t do enough for others. Her little family, now her kids are grown, is made up of four cats and a small dog. They are each treated as though they are God’s own private pets. She puts a fresh ribbon on each of their collars at set intervals and they know they are SPECIAL. They strut through life, graciously bestowing permission to pet their sleek silky coats to all comers.Her kindness never fails, is never put out, and her regret is only if she can’t fit you in when you need a hand. She is also, like my friend noted above, very beautiful and graceful to look at but sees that as of little importance.

So in my life I’ve had six different people like this, am I not lucky? In different parts of the world, at different times of my life. But these people are out there and I find it hard to believe they are not angels sent in human form to help us through our troubles.

When I write my books, I find these people become melded with the characters I invent. In Pagan Flames, Melchior, the Wizard who teaches students to handle superhuman abilities, is not only a gorgeous looking fairy male, but full of the kindness that marks these people in my life. His true love, Theresa, an American girl from Vermont, matches the beauty of his heart with her own goodness. And in contrast, as a writer, I must invent the opposite type of character, the baddies, and they are very, very bad. As indeed are many people in the real world. Pain-makers, psychologists call them.

In Sacred Trust, Jan Kendall comes home at lunchtime to find her Congressman husband in bed with her best friend. This sets her on a path to build a new life, a different life, one that challenges her and develops her in new ways. Leaving the wealthy world behind, she meets her soul mate in a faraway west coast location, set amid the tall fir forests and the ocean environment. The road’s not easy but she’s up to it, and comes out a winner. Smart girl.

In The Boy Scout, Melchior and Theresa reappear, helping to rescue dozens of young people who have been kidnapped for trafficking, and their own goodness shines through along with that of a young Boy Scout, who ends up being the key link in a chain that leads to the takedown of a vicious ringleader. As Theresa is kidnapped by the ringleader, she must use her smarts and her gentle heart to solve the mystery of the secret code to escape his trap. Melchior flies in to sweep her to safety as she finds the solution and frees herself, alone in an ancient land in far off China, 250 million years in the past.

In Morning Song, Kathryn and Eric find each other through the trials and tribulations that life offers to so many, and grow in grace and character as they move through challenge after challenge. My characters overcome many obstacles, never give up, and find true love in the end.

So much fun. Good people, bad people, developing people, the salt of the earth in hand to hand combat with the forces of evil every day. And I get to exist inside the minds of these magical, wonderful beings in my own life as a writer. How lucky can anyone get?


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