Jan Kendall is the wife of a U.S. Congressman, enjoying the limelight and all its privileges. One day, for good reasons, she flees their elegant home, private jet, holiday homes, and big bank account.

In west coast wilderness she settles to build a real, meaningful life founded on strong friendship and true connection to the earth. But as time goes on, Jan realizes that her high-flying, immensely powerful husband is looking for her and won’t take No for an answer. Crime in high places is going to change her life even more than she could have imagined.

Should Jan shut her eyes and let others decide the outcome of her husband’s criminal activities? Or should she take on a new kind of role, one that will avenge the death and suffering of his victims, victims numbering in the thousands? Should she set out to bring this man – a man she once loved and revered – to Justice, to trial, to punishment for his reckless, selfish choices?

Or should she just run scared for the rest of her life?

For Jan, the answer is easy. Taking her own power for the first time, she sets out on a path that will test every ounce of courage she ever possessed.


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 5.0 out of 5 stars
5.0 out of 5 starsFAST MOVING INSPIRATION May 29 2015

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Just finished reading Sacred Trust. Ms. Somers is an amazing writer, the story moves so fast with action, which I love. I was riveted from the first line. Jan Kendall’s clarity about her goals drove the whole book. The lead character is an inspiration especially as I have also had to deal with this kind of challenge in my own life. I’ll be looking for your next book, Ms. Somers….and another…

There is nothing like the pain of betrayal, the fear of power and the discovery of strength and true love June 6 2015
By Darlene
Format: Kindle Edition
Vanayssa Somers has captured the emotions of heartbreak, fear, determination, and romance like an artist painting a picture. From the first page, you are held captive by her wonderful talent and feel like you are right inside the story experiencing this journey to freedom and love. I feel very excited to have discovered this talented writer and so anxious to read her next book.

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Where can true romantic love take us? For this mystery woman, lost in dreamy memories of her first romantic love affair, it took her to far, unimagined pavilions of self-development and self-love. Leaving her country home as a naïve young woman, she fell in love with the one man on earth who had the experience and understanding to guide her into a full knowing of her own potential.

Introduced to worldly passions on many levels, from intense love-making to gourmet dining and the company of the finest minds on the planet, she grew beyond her lover, beyond her own wildest dreams.

Gazing into the leaping flames of her fireplace, on this evening she once more becomes the wide-eyed novice arriving in the big city, re-enters the body and soul of that vulnerable child-woman she was. Relives the tender moments of learning how to touch and be touched, how to turn every common event of life into something sensual on its own terms.

As flames leap in a winter fireplace, memories wander to her life choices, at the many gifts this profound romance provided her, the life path she finally chose, and the implications of true romantic love on an evolving human eternal soul.

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Marcella, a grandmother from afar, and Dave, a police officer sent to investigate a suspicious letter, discover there truly is a Christmas Love Potion.




A massive shipping container stands open and waiting on the dock of a huge port city, in almost any country. A truck drives up and a load of human beings, in this case, youngsters, are off loaded and packed inside the crate. A crane lifts the container. It takes its place among dozens of other gigantic shipping containers, all locked together on board a freighter.

A week or two later, the container is lifted once more and deposited on another dock, thousands of miles from home. At some point, the kidnappers unlock the crate and those souls who have survived the ocean journey are gathered up and taken somewhere to be sold. Behind them, their country; their birthrights; their families; their rights to education, freedom of speech, equality, all the things we take for granted.

Shocking enough when it takes place on the other side of the world.

More so, when it takes place in America, and the youngsters being kidnapped are American children.

Melchior, King of Fairies, and Theresa, a young American woman are passionately in love, soon to be wed. But a new purpose takes hold of these two magical Wizards as they discover the hazards young people face, unknowingly, every time they step outside their home.

In any country on earth.

Even ours.


When it came down to it, Callahan was common muck. When you stripped all this mind-blowing stuff aside.

He was just another killer. Just another rapist.

There was a cell waiting with Callahan’s name on it. Possibly, it would have to be a very special cell. Perhaps, lead-lined. Unless, at last, the finality of true death awaited him. At the hands of a jury.

And where, exactly, would they find a jury of Callahan’s peers?  The idea was laughable.

But shape-shifting and time travel were not necessary parts of jury selection. The presence of a healthy conscience and normal intelligence were the things that mattered there.

And Kincaid was going to put him there. In the hands of a jury. Oh yes. He teetered back on his heels, his hands quiet behind his back, head lifted as he gazed around one last time. Lips compressed, eyes wide.

Next step. Get out there and catch this son of a bitch. Put him away for life, or, if he had his way, put him into the Chair.

But first, they had to find the bodies.






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FREE! One of Solstice Publishing’s many collections of author contributions to anthologies. This one brings together favorite dessert recipes of many Solstice Authors.





Another collection of short stories from Solstice Publishing authors. Each is a story about teen love, first love, when cupid is first awakened in our hearts.

My own story, First Love: Born of Fire is included.












On a day like any other day in small city America, two teen boys go for a walk together. At the same time, across the city, a teen girl parts from her best friend as they leave a pizza place.

Before the day is done, all three face a lifetime of slavery as victims of human traffickers.

To their parents, the disaster of missing children. To the teens, the doorway to Hell. And no way to escape.

But the traffickers have reckoned without the Boy Scouts of America and their training. Young Jim, badly beaten and abused, sees a need and rushes to fill it.

Rising to heights of reckless courage to save the other captives, he risks everything to be the best he can be.

In the process, he is rewarded by the greatest prize…as First Love brings light to their darkness.















In her fifteenth year, Kathryn Bond’s life was thrown off course by a violent crime. Headed for Olympic glory, she instead began a long journey toward healing, her dreams having turned to dust. One day she sat down to write a romance novel and began a career that would make her the most popular romance author in the world and a multi-millionaire before she turned thirty. But her dreams of romance remained on the computer screen and in her books, for she could not recover from the long-ago attack which had changed the course of her life. She avoided men at all costs, if she possibly could. Her dreams of being kissed, of having a strong pair of arms around her, remained that – only dreams. But her married friends never gave up, sure they could find for her that special someone who would heal those terrifying memories once and for all. One day, her world turned upside down again, when an experienced war correspondent walked into her life. A man who understood everything. And understood her. Just when it was all coming together for Kathryn, a phone call brought life-altering news. A child was coming into her life, an orphaned little girl, whose addicted mother had died. A child who had been damaged by abuse and needed one thing above all else—she needed healing. With her lover’s help, Kathryn has to face her demons once and for all, and rise above them, to meet the needs of this broken child.




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Save Old Growth Forests and Save the Earth movements EXPLODED in the 90’s with massive Blockades in Clayoquot Sound on Vancouver Island. The town of Tofino and surrounding area saw millions of international tourists swarm in to watch the battles between logging industry and tree lovers fomenting a level of strife never seen before in such quiet villages. In the end, the environmental movement won, and the area became protected. However, residents of the area lived out their normal lives in the midst of all this furor and strife, and many were busy fermenting their own products in backrooms. Myself, I made Kombucha tea alongside my hubby’s home made wine.




Have you ever felt like you don’t belong? Expand your mind to find your life’s larger purpose.

Do you feel like an outsider in today’s world? Are you struggling with life’s big questions? Vanayssa Somers knows it’s never too late for a spiritual awakening. Armed with over 70 years of hard-fought experience, Somers has emerged from her rebirth ready to help you build a brighter future within the Creator’s Grand Design.

Proof of Life After Death is your crash course in the metaphysical teachings of ancient and modern times. These transformative resources explore the origins of humanity and your own intended purpose. Through Somers’ guidance, you’ll develop a deeper understanding and a closer relationship with all of Creation.

In Proof of Life After Death, you’ll discover:

– How you play an irreplaceable role in Creation

– How each of us has been created for the afterlife

– What hidden factors best explain the history of civilization

– How to move through life with an attitude of certainty and authority

– How to ask more questions in the search for enlightenment, and much, much more!

This inspirational book is your guiding light to developing your spirituality and finding your place in the universe. If you like metaphysical concepts and straightforward instruction with a personal touch, then you’ll love Vanayssa Somers’ life-changing guide.

Buy Proof of Life After Death to discover your greater purpose today!

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