Millions of people suffer from dark thoughts and memories that rotate endlessly around in their minds, driving them into depressive states and ruining their sleep.

An old technique to remove toxicity from the body—one used traditionally by Australia’s aboriginal peoples long ago—involved burying oneself in the dirt for a while. Expectation was, when they climbed out and rejoined their life, the illness was gone.

The soil of the earth has a reputation for healing.

Scientists have known for a long time that getting out in the garden, working the soil, creates happy chemicals in the brain, driving  away depression and anxiety.

In the same way, many clear their brains and minds of dark, depressive and obsessive thought patterns by a healing technique called THROWING.

Science has been researching those mysterious things we call Thoughts.

Scientists have found that thoughts are actually Things. And all things have a place where they are found. In the case of thoughts, they are found in the brain. Or outside the brain, floating around, but firmly attached to US as we suffer recurring nightmares, often from childhood.

Memories that plague us to no point, since we can’t enter the past and change actions.

When I say that thoughts are Things, I am serious. Look the topic up on Google.

 If thoughts really are Things, then they can be treated like other things around us. They can be moved, examined, placed elsewhere, like any object in this world.

Some who suffer from the depression, insomnia and misery that recurring, uncontrollable thoughts create, have learned to manage those thoughts by THROWING.

Here’s how they do it:

A Selenite crystal is the commonest stone used for this, but other stones may work just as well. The earth and its components – including stones and rocks – can heal.

A sufferer will take their piece of Selenite and place it near their bed where they can see it.

Selenite has a couple of unique qualities that not all crystals and stones possess.

One is, it is self-cleansing, so no amount of toxic material can damage its healing potential.

Another is, if you get it wet, it dissolves. It melts.

These two qualities make Selenite especially useful for thought-healing, but other stones may work as well.

With the healing stone nearby, they wait till the recurring, painful, thought begins to cycle through its story. These thoughts come with people, locations, colors, feelings, all sorts of emotion and related material.

They take a good look at their sad story, at the pieces of it, then they gather it up in a Thought Ball. This is using the brain’s visual imagery abilities.

Once they have it in a bundle, identified as That Particular Thought, they Throw it at the Selenite stone. Not just throw, but more like zzzzt, like a bolt of lightning. Sometimes they make a lightning bolt shape in the air behind the thought as they shoot it over to the stone.

The brain is an amazing organ. It is willing to fool itself. It can easily categorize things, does it all the time.

When these sufferers throw the thought pattern at the Selenite stone, the stone absorbs the thought entirely.

Once it has the thought, it will never let it go. The thought is trapped inside the stone forever. There is no power in heaven or on earth that can release that thought once it’s in there. With the Selenite stone, NO ONE can open that box. Never, ever.

The interesting thing about THROWING is that after they have placed the thought in this new, inaccessible place, the thought is forever gone, but the brain has become addicted to the sad chemicals the thought carried with it.

It keeps trying to open the thought, get at it.  As this happens, evidently, they say, it’s not possible to image or picture the thought anymore, no matter how they try. Only vague shadows of it remain accessible in the brain and memory. The brain quits trying to get at it after a few days.

With Selenite, just to make sure they can never get at the thought again, they sometimes choose to melt the stone. Since Selenite dissolves in water, they do that. Put it in water and it melts away.

Well, then it’s REALLY gone. Try getting that thought back! It’s joined a river somewhere. Or the ocean.

But usually, there is more than one recurring, painful thought. So one by one, these sufferers pick each thought out, go through it, then take all the bits and pieces of the thought, gather it up carefully in a Thought Ball, and THROW it at the Selenite stone.

Never again can that thought come back to plague them. At least, that’s what they say.

I thought I’d pass this interesting bit of information on in case someone else wants to try it.

I tried it on a recurring thought I needed to get rid of, and it worked like a charm.

Well, it IS a charm. It’s magic.

It’s Brain Magic!

Although, the person who passed this on to me said they believed their Guardian Angel gave it to them. It saved them from terrific suffering that had gone on for years. Crystals, fairies, angels, God, or human inventiveness – as long as it helps. 

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