Whatever we do in life, it calls for a basic level of fitness. The commitment to a more effective body and mind never slows; we must always be keeping our attitudes and plans upbeat.

Are you tired, dried out, disenchanted with your job, with your life or any part of your life?

Take a faith check now! It’s your physical vehicle, it’s your mental state. If your old plan has fallen into disuse, make a new one today. It’s the weekend…what better time to take a couple hours for yourself and think of ways to make some changes?

If you suffer from depression, read my blog article on how to overcome those nightmare thoughts that plague and steal your energy. Get a crystal or even a favorite stone and do what I do to rid myself of negative thoughts: in a nutshell, I pick up my crystal of choice..a selenite ball.. and prepare to store a haunting memory in it. Once a thought is stored in selenite, it is there forever…and ever. Try it…it works. You pull the dark thought together in your head and heart. Feel the feelings one last time. Then gather it all up in a big armload, keep all the pieces of it together there…then THROW it into the crystal or stone. Once you have thrown it in, then make a lightning stroke sign in the air toward the crystal and say ZAP!

You don’t have to be Merlin the Wizard of old to forever rid your mind of dark thoughts. You don’t even need to be Melchior, Arch Wizard in my books Pagan Flames and The Boy Scout! (mybook.to/PaganFlames) and (mybook.to/TheBoyScout)

This system of beating depression is FREE and it works! But as you rid yourself of one layer of darkness, you will find a new layer bubbling up from underneath…so the work continues. At least once a week, do your MENTAL HEALTH WORKOUT!  Take a crystal or stone and throw out a layer of darkness from your childhood…a bad relationship…a career problem…Get Ready, One! Two! Three! HEAVE! Into the rock where they will never escape to bother you again.

It works!

But there’s more of course…we all need some sort of fitness commitment, and that includes speed walking, gym workouts, yoga, relaxation, leisure and renewal time, all built in to our weeks and months.

Add to that some fresh input on nutrition, some research online about new health breakthroughs, maybe a purchase for your home, some small workout you can do in twenty minutes three times a week…it all adds up.

And if you don’t do ANYTHING…that all adds up too!

When you turn 40 or 60 or 80…you’ll want to feel good; be able to go for a walk, or a swim, you’ll want to be pain-free. You’ll want to be proud of your body if, at 80, and living alone, you want to meet a special someone…you won’t want to shrink back in shame at the shape you’re in and hide in a corner, waiting for the end. No, you’ll want to get out there and LIVE some more. That free insurance starts now, whoever you are, wherever you are in life.

It’s up to you!

mybook.to/TheBoyScout                    mybook.to/PaganFlames

Pagan Flames, the first book


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