Ever been to the world famous tourist town of Tofino? It’s on Canada’s west coast, as west as you can get without swimming to Japan. In 1993 tourism exploded as environmentalists confronted loggers to protect the old growth forests. Protesters chained themselves to trees, police cruisers lined the logging roads, and TV crews from all over the world arrived to film everything, creating an even greater tourism surge forevermore. The village of Tofino has a population of 1,500 all winter long, but it shoots up to 1.5 million from March to October. My hubby and I lived there in 1993 when the protests were on, and we managed to live our quiet life within our four walls, as people do during such times. We made home made wine, grew our heritage roses, took care of our families, worked and gossiped as per usual. My latest story, Fermenting Rife in Clayoquot, sums up our experience of these times, which ended with the whole area being declared a UNESCO biosphere reserve.
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